High Pressure Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning in Gladstone

Finding a company that does reliable high-pressure cleaning in Gladstone can sometimes be difficult, however Swampy Cleaning and Gardening Services have a reputation in the local area for being trustworthy, hardworking and meticulous.

High-pressure cleaning involves using a powerful hose to wash those hard-to-clean exteriors on houses, roofs and driveways. In action, our high-pressure cleaner will seamlessly remove unwanted dirt and mould on your home, restoring it to its original condition or perhaps preparing it for a new paint job.

Our team have years of experience using high-pressure hoses, and always use safe practices when cleaning to ensure no damage is done to other surfaces.

To book your home in for a high pressure clean, contact one of our friendly team on 0417 667 577.


Is your house starting to look a little tired, but a renovation or new paint job just isn’t on the cards? Believe it or not, a high-pressure cleaning job on your home can make a significant improvement to the exterior of your home, with some clients who thought they needed new paint realising all their home needed was a good clean. High pressure cleaning proves to be a great way to refresh the look of your home without blowing your budget or spending an unnecessary amount of money.


While getting your house cleaned, why not get us to jump on your roof and do an entire exterior clean? Aside from the cosmetic benefits, having a clean roof increases its longevity, preventing you from having to fork out for a new roof sooner than you might need to. As well as this, a clean roof allows for better water flow into your gutters, which means more water collection into your rainwater tank.


Driveways can become dirty quickly due to constant foot traffic, grease and grime leaking from cars. Like cleaning the outside of your house and roof, having a clean driveway can transform the look of your home, refreshing your property without having to spend too much money.

Solar Panels:

In addition to your roof clean, Swampy Cleaning can also wash your solar panels, preventing any long-term damage that can occur from a build-up of dirt. Due to the delicate nature of solar panels, we don’t use our high-pressure hose to clean them. Instead, our team use special, gentler cleaning products to ensure a thorough clean without damaging the panels. You should book in to get your solar panels cleaned every 6 months to ensure they last their lifespan.

High Pressure Cleaning

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